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Ah ^^.

Only dragon type I currently don't have is a priest. Deleted it prior to refreshing dew coming out so I felt like it was slow next to my wiz mainly, I enjoy dark skills too so that may have been another reason.

Don't want to delete my scientist either, as meh to "why did they even bother making this?" as the recent gunner skills have been he's probably still my favorite character.

Don't think I've ever actually played a soul master. Could see it being fun and fast track would give me an excuse to make one, that said, I've currently got one I'm purposely leaving around 110ish if I want to make lvl up box mules too.

A pre-revo server might be neat, dunno what it'd entail though. Doubt I'd have the ability to code a game, let alone deal with maintaining a server. Then there's also the matter of whether sgi would have an issue with it or not.