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Originally Posted by mikecxz
wait until you're at the city gates and activate the automotons self destruct sequence (you DID build one in right? after all you are a scientist and every scientist knows that everything needs to be able to explode at the push of a button.) and use the ensuing chaos to escape the city.
The surly guard talks about his unexciting life throughout the entire walk to the city gates. It seems to consist entirely of him getting into fights and then being berated by his eight-hundred pound wife, whom he loves dearly. The unimposing guard seems as thought he's about to lose his cool. The poor schmuck must have to deal with surly's banter every single day of his life. You've finally reached the city gates, or at least a pair of city gates. These ones are elevated quite high compared to the rest of Elfheim. You can see the entire city. The view is quite breathtaking despite the ominous clouds that are forming. "Here at last!" proclaims the surly guard. He drops the automaton into your arms, nearly dislocating them. "Sir, we don't have time to watch you stand around. Give the guards your merchandise and let us move along." Says the unimposing guard.

You nod and make your way towards the two guards in front of the gates.

"H-Hello." You awkwardly let out.

"Do you have business here, sir?" Asks a guard.

"Yes, the high Wizards ordered me to deliver this to you guys."

"The High Wizards?" The guard turns to her partner, "Have you heard anything from them?" Her partner responds negatively. "Are you sure there hasn't been some mistake, sir?"

"No, there's no mistake. You should have received notice from the High Wizards. It is you who are mistaken."

"Sir, we wouldn't forget anything as important as an order from the High Wizards."

"Are you speaking down to me, child?"

"No, definitely not, sir."

"Adria, is this guy giving you problems?" Asks the guard's partner.

"He is steadfast in his belief that the High Wizards ordered him to deliver that iron-child to us." She answers.

"We've received no orders from the High Wizards, sir. The new protocol is that even if one member of the guard gets an order from the High Wizards, we're all informed of it." Says her partner.

"Well... I." You look back at the guards who escorted you to the gate. They are getting impatient, and whispering to each other. The surly guard gives you a suspicious glare. "Just take the thing!" You throw the automaton at the guard, knocking her to the ground.

Her partner swipes at you, but you knock him out with a swift kick to the head. The surly guard charges at you, greatly underestimating your nimbleness. You jump right over him and the large oaf runs straight into the gate. You gallantly stride up to the unimposing guard, and give him a deathly glare. He passes out without you even laying a finger on him.

"It's been fun, guys. But Elfheim isn't my thing anymore. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to have a blast." Your automaton self destructs when utter the secret the word, blasting a whole large enough for you to escape through in the gates.

That is what would have happened if you decided to put a voice-activated self-destruct mechanism in your automaton. But you focused entirely on building a self-destruct mechanism for your laboratory, a self-destruct mechanism that did not even work. All four guards stare you down. The weight of the automaton feels like it is going to crush you, and the skies are growing darker by the minute.

"Actually, merchant, weren't you life-partners with that Alnon guy?" Asks the surly guard.

"Alnon? Wasn't he that terrorist?" Says the female guard.

"How could anyone forget Alnon? That bastard was responsible for the most suffering Elfheim had seen in centuries!" Says her partner. The unimposing guard stays silent.

"What the hell is that iron-lady anyway, merchant?" The surly guard shove you, knocking the automaton out of your arms. It falls to the ground with a hard clank, nearly hitting the female guard's feet. "Hey, watch it!" She yells.

"Well... I..." You awkwardly let out.

"Well, you what? First you the distress flute gets played at your shop, then you lie to us about delivering "merchandise". Are you planning something, merchant?" I'm not afraid to crush you here if you are."

Everyone's attention is taken away from you by the sound of a loud thunderclap. The sky is completely dark now, and it seems as though it will storm at any moment. "It is about to storm. I don't know about others, but I am not fond of getting caught in rain. We will take this merchant into custody. Can you two deal with that iron-thing?" Says the unimposing guard.

"Sure, if we'll have some wizards look at it to see if it's dangerous." Says the female guard.

A blinding light and a loud blast takes everyone off guard. You get knocked to the ground. It seems as though your laboratory's self-destruct mechanism actually worked, even if it was a bit delayed in its response, and it was way stronger than you expected.

Enter command:

Examine, Talk, Attack, Pick Up, Drop

ITEMS: Laser Gun, Elven Bow & Arrow

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