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Originally Posted by Zegridathes
Continue down the passage with automaton

Additionally, attempt to will the automaton to life.
You have no time to figure out what could be wrong with the self-destruct button. Your laboratory may get destroyed in the coming cataclysm anyway. You lift the automaton onto your back, straining yourself, but you manage to run out of the alleyway. You have to take a breather. The automaton is way too heavy to carry around by yourself.

You are no wizard, so you can not just will it to life. Even if you were, Elves are deeply connected to nature. Something like the automaton could never be affected by your powers as it is an unnatural creation. Your eyes are drawn towards the sky. The clouds are taking a sprial pattern as if they are forming a cyclone. It is strange. You have never seen anything like it before. You take it as a sign of the coming end and go on your way. You wonder just what Esprit managed to do, but you really do not want to stick around to find out.

As you clumsily jog down the street with the automaton on your back people take notice of you, and then are immediately drawn towards the much more interesting show going on in the sky. It seems like you are going to make it to the city gates without any distractions, although you will be very tired. And then a couple of guards step out in front of you.

"Halt, merchant!" Yells the surlier guard. You immediately skid to a stop and drop the automaton off of your back. It is a if the burden of the world was taken off of you. "You seem to be in a hurry, merchant! What's the matter?"

"Child, may I ask you to move. I am very busy transporting, uhh, goods."

The smaller guard steps forward. His present is not nearly as imposing, and you feel as though you could snap him like a twig. You probably would if his gigantic companion was somewhere else. "Sir, are you aware that there was an incident at your shop. A flute was played there. There is no doubt in my mind that you heard it. We all did."

"Yes, I heard it. I had no idea that dreadful sound came from my shop. I hadn't even been there all day. I was working on delivering this craft," You point down at the automaton, "To the guards at the city gate. It's for an outsider you see, so it must be delivered out of the city. The transaction has been approved by the High Wizard of course. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to be on my way."

"Very well, sir. My companion here will deliver your merchandise, but you must come with me."

The surly guard picks up the automaton as if it was as light as feather, and violently throws it over his shoulders. "Don't worry, I'll make sure your iron-lady here is nice and safe!" He says.

"Oh, no, no, no. That won't be necessary. The High Wizards want me to deliver specifically. We can't go against the will of the High Wizards." You say.

"We have our orders, sir. Now if you would please accompany me." Responds the unimposing guard.

"Yes, WE, have our orders, and our orders are to make sure that that device is safely delivered to the guards at the city gate by me in person. You wouldn't dare go against the High Wizards would you, child? It would be heresy."

The unimposing guard thinks to himself for a moment and says, "Fine. You're correct. We will accompany you to the city gates, but once you deliver your merchandise you are to come with us."

"Well, I guess you can take this iron-lady back then, buddy." Says the surly guard.

"Actually, could you carry it for me until we get to the city gates. This is embarrassing to say, but it's quite heavy." You respond.

"Heavy!? This thing!? Psh. My wife is heavier than this."

"That's... interesting."

"Enough with the idle conversation. Let's go." Says the unimposing guard.

Looks like those fools bought your bluff, but you will still need a way to fool the guards at the city gates if you are going to escape.

Enter command:

Examine, Talk, Attack, Pick Up, Drop

ITEMS: Laser Gun, Elven Bow & Arrow