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Originally Posted by Shanny


Gero Doll Hat 200mil
Torangi Hat 100mil
Choux's Toy Hammer 65mil
Rose Fairy Dagger 80mil
Rose Fairy Shield 80mil
Piscium Headband 65mil
Portina's Headdress 60mil

= 7 Flames (-500mil) ~Total: 150mil



Santa Karu Hat 65mil
Parfait's Fruit Headband 80mil
~Total: 65mil



Tenter Hood 100mil
Pink Orchid Hat 100mil
West Wind Hat 70mil
Emo Mask 200mil
Cluster Cane 100mil
Noble Monocle 200mil

= x? Flames ~Total: ???



Sunny Hat 10mil
Mint's Hairpin 50mil
Classic Hat 70mil

= 1 Flame (-80mil) ~Total: 50mil



Easter Warrior's Cowl 100mil
Captain's Hat 65mil
Marie Elle's Helmet 100mil

~Total: 265mil



Quiem's Headband 100mil
Jan's Bunny Hat 100mil
Sweet Bonnet 100mil

= 1 Flame (-80mil) ~Total: 220mil



Chr. Blossom Hair Acc. 200mil
Teddy Bear Beanie 200mil
Mirabo's Headband 100mil
Michel's Wig 200mil
Rose Fairy Hair Clip 110mil
Yoba Hat 100mil
LOVE Headband 70mil
Dream Hat 100mil
Blue Frame Glasses 1bil (?)
Cherry Blossom Shield 350mil (?)
Santa's Stick 80mil

~Total: 2.51bil (?) - (Negotiated prices)


I won't be able to buy them all at once so sorry &thanks in advance.

Please message me to keep up to date -or if preferred; I'll message you. (You know, to see whether I'm ready or not to purchase x item..)

Sorry if I've made any mistakes with the calculations &etc. Just tell me if I have, please.

That's all for now, thank you!
Dont worry, It wont run away. Im saving it for you, so anytime :3