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Default Fuses

I just came back after 3 years and have some stuff that I wish to sell and not really sure about the prices.
I have:
Chronos Rifle (Eclipse's gun)
Karan's Pistol
Pirate King's Hat
Inferno Helm
Rosalyna's Shield
Black Bison's Cane
Black Bison's Shield
Cluster Cane
Gun Wand (Noxx's gun)
Rosalyna's Spear
Karan's Scimitar
Silverwolf Head
Black Bison's Hat
Noxx Wig
Saint Shield

Little Tera
Speedy McFastball
Yao Mong
Express Panda
Bika the Bull
Noxx (original one)
Nyxx (original one)
Royal Rosetta
Little Yuri
Bruce Lie