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Originally Posted by Eden
Push the self-destruct button and take the automaton with him.
You take one last look at your automaton. It is solemn and dignified lying on the table, yet is has an aura of sadness surrounding it. And quite a strong aura for an inanimate object. The automaton is undoubtedly the fruit of your own labour. If you had completed it, you would have never thought of it as anything more than a servant and a reminder of your dedication. But, as you look at it now, it has so much more potential. Perhaps, that is why it is surrounded by such an aura. It wants to function; it wants to know how to live. It was brought into this world much like a child born into a coma. If it is destroyed now, it will never even know about itself or the world around it.

Okay, that is a bunch of pretentious bullshit, but you would still rather not destroy the thing. You spent like eight hours yesterday just tightening the screws on the thing. And once you tightened every single screw you untightened them all just so you could tighten them again. That was sixteen hours of straight tightening that will go to waste if the automaton were destroyed. You drag it off the table. It's heavy as shit.

"Are you taking that iron-man with you?" Asks Esprit.

"Y-Yes. It's quite heavy if I say so myself. Would you mind helping me carry it?"


"Yes as in you'll help me to carry it, or yes as in you would indeed mind carrying it."


"Yes to what!?"

"The latter."

"Why? It's really heavy!"

"I don't like you, remember."

"But we're escaping the city together!"

"I never said I was escaping."

"But you yourself said that the city is going to become dangerous remain in."

"Yes, and then I told you it was best for YOU to leave. I have some important business to attend to. Then I may just die. I have no intentions of leaving the city. There's nothing outside of the city to see. We Elves are the greatest mortal beings on this planet. If Elfheim was fated to last longer, and the High Wizards weren't such fools, we may have even became like gods. After Elfheim is gone, there will be nothing left but lesser creatures and mongrel Elves. Even pure blooded Elves like us would eventually mix with others and lose our way. I truly want to see this city and every single person in it die."

"How unpleasant. Esprit, tell me this, why did you even warn me of the coming disaster if you want to see everyone die?"

"Because I don't like you, Merchant. Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt that you will escape this city even as it turns into a war-zone. But I doubt you will be able to survive out there in the uncivilized world."

"It's such a shame that Elfheim will fall because of some bratty kid like you. Actually, you're just a kid. I have no reason to believe anything you say."

"Be that as it may, you've already admitted your heresy to me. You even went so far as to let me see your lab. I could alert the rest of the guard right now. Them just seeing this place would be enough to make Elfheim hard for you to stay in. You would have to escape even if I am lying."

"Why would the guard listen to you? You're a wanted a murderer."

Esprit takes out a small ivory flute. She plays a few notes on it. It is extremely loud and unpleasant. "What was that dreadful thing?" You ask.

"This is the General's Distress Flute. I stole it. It's never meant to be played except for in times of dire danger in war. Every single high ranking guard member in Elfheim should be converging around this shop any moment now."

"You're mad!"

"I know."

"I will not stand to listen to your unpleasantries any longer! I'm leaving!"

"Good, that's what I want you to do."

"I'm not leaving because of you!"

"Yes you are."

"No, I'm not!!"

"Yes you are."


You drag the automaton through the passage. It is no easy task as it weighs at least five-hundred pounds, which is probably about three times what you weigh. You have very good time climbing a ladder and pushing open a manhole cover with a five-hundred pound humanoid piece of iron on your back, but you finally collapse into a dark and isolated alleyway. You uncover the self-destruct button. It is hidden behind a trashcan and cleverly disguised as a rock. However, it is not really button, it is more like a lever that you push downwards and slightly to the right. If someone had moved the trashcan before you, it is possible that they could have carelessly stepped on the rock, triggering the explosion.

That was extremely poor planning on your part, but that is all in the past now. You take a deep breath, close your eyes, and push the rock-button-lever thing downwards and slightly to the right.

The lack of anything loud and explody happening takes you by surprise.

Enter command:

Examine, Talk, Attack, Pick Up, Drop

ITEMS: Laser Gun, Elven Bow & Arrow, Automaton