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I'm gonna take a stab at this. (This is not 100%, making assumptions based on previous events and google translate.)

SDGO KR SR rank giveaway

For the duration of 4 weeks, play a certain amount of games to get prizes (similar to the summer event we had back in July-August.)

12/13 ~ 12/19:
Play 5 pvp matches per day.

Participating will automatically get you an SR rank rental for 7 days (8 suits to choose from)

Play 5 matches for 5 days
Exp 1000*10 (FULL) OR 1000*20

Play 5 matches for 7 days
50 Custom Upgrade Kits

12/20 ~ 12/26 AND 12/27 ~ 1/2

Same as above.

1/3 ~ 1/9

Play 8 pvp matches per day.

Participating will automatically give you a SR rank 7 day rental (8 suits to choose from)

Play 8 pvp matches for 5 days
SR rank OR Exp cell 1000*30

Play 8 pvp matches for 7 days
Some battle ship I can't recognize from google translate.
(전함 프토레마이오스 = Battleship postitive Rhema Ios??)

A few random snippets of events from this page:

Web cap

12/20 ~ 1/10

Prizes included are:
Zaku II Johnny Ridden Custom
Zaku II Shin Matsunaga Custom
Astray Red Frame Kai
Gundam Avalanche Exia
Astray Blue Frame Second Revise
Gaza-C Haman Custom
Wing Gundam (EW)

Bonus EXP and Points

12/21 ~ 1/3

+50% suit EXP, +30% points

Return of the Xmas Capsule

12/20 ~ 1/24
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