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mikecxz will become famous soon enough

pretty fun so far, aside from the wow WTF just happened moments that tend to happen.

currently at soul level 2 and just made a thief because im getting tired of getting owned by treasure chest traps but i can not seem to do well with it at all. range is super short, doesn't seem to do much damage aside from skills, and survivability is terribad. admittedly i haven't tried the trap tree at all but i feel like if you need to set up a plethora of traps to kill anything it is going to take many times longer to get anywhere then a warrior who can just plow through it without worrying at all.

as for the wow WTF moments, the biggest one is the exploding chest trap, seems pretty much like instant death if you get it. other then that i ran into what looked like a big kobald in the sewers when i was getting the screws for the final area mission warp and it did over 4x my max health in a single hit, was not expecting that. also, i want to punch whoever decided it was a good idea for stats to be able to go down on level up in the face, but maybe that's just a personal thing and other people don't mind.