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Thanks for all of the replies, everyone.

Originally Posted by Mare
I admit I haven't really read your post yet since it's so long (I'll do it I promise), but it's sad to see you guys go! Hopefully you guys find a great game to play together! ^^

I agree about the people though, I've met many amazing people in this game. :3
Haha, sorry if it's too long. We've both tried Eden Eternal and I don't really like the game so I guess we're going to try out a different game together pretty soon. :3

Originally Posted by PrettyUglyFox
Good luck with everything Shan! Hope to see you around sometime
Yep, you too. It was nice knowing you Hieuuu. Perhaps we can still keep in touch some how.

Originally Posted by MrHerp
Ravennnnn, you still have me on Skype ;__;..


Originally Posted by KungFuPets
The pink font on white background was making my eyes hurt. I think I still see shadow lines while typing this on the Quick Reply Box.

I agree with how Akux feels:

It is always sad to lose a good player, even if we don't know each other well.

But still, I wish you a good journey outside of TO
Sorry if the orchid font is blinding you, haha but yeah.. Even though I didn't really know you I'd like to say thanks, good luck with T.O and take care! c:

Originally Posted by SnowBerry
I'm thinking of quitting too. I need to find an addicting game first or it will be really difficult to leave.

I would suggest starting with a new, beta-like or beginners friendly mmorpg game.
1. No one can really call you a noob because I'm pretty sure not everyone will know exactly what to do, lol.
2. New skill, build, and stats idea. (I love new ideas.)
3. There will be no hax players mass murdering at beginner areas in open field PvP games.

Yeah, I will miss everything in Tricky too.
Snowie! If you find an addictive game, I think I'll have to stalk join you. Tellmepls~
Hm, I like the idea of playing a new game too, sounds pretty cool..

Originally Posted by Valese

Omg, that was you!

Haha, I remember you as a little nubby that kept whispering me randomly Q_Q and every time I would think; "Awww! She still remembers me!" And I would get all happy and smiley (if that's a word I can use like that) You were so cute, and you made my day those few times.

I guess the Angel System is really great, because at the time they were implemented, not everyone cared much about it. But I guess they can leave a huge impression on newer players that get help like that :3

And it was my pleasure Shan, I love to try to help whenever I can, good luck with whatever you guys decide to do!

I was wondering which Kaya this is, might be my brother hehe.
Oh wow, It's my angel! Haha. I'm happy to hear that you still remember me and wow, I didn't know that I made you happy by pestering you. xD Also, Kaya was a girl who was in the guild ƒorward but she's quit now, I guess.

Originally Posted by InfernalGuy
Could I have any stuff you don't need?

Yes, I'm a beggar...
iselfishplssry ./keeps <3

Originally Posted by Zero
Pfft, where is my mention?! Thanks :I

Now I REALLY have no purpose logging on anymore. Everyones leaving
Yeah, I guess I really didn't name everyone. Sorry, Gage! >: I guess I've actually missed quite a lot of people out, like Gary, Michelle, Bill and basically the whole of ƒorward &etc. (I got pretty lazy).. If it wasn't for GameGuard, maybe *just maybe* the game wouldn't be on it's last limbs as of right now..