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Default SDGO NA December patch notes

No. 7411 | Date: 12-04-2012

Greetings Pilots!
Happy December Anniversary!

[Mission - added]
- The Final Light (Gundam SEED)

[Capsule Machines - added]
- Capsule Machine #52
- Capsule Machine #53

[Custom Capsule Machine - added]
- Gundam X Divider (AR Rank)

[Package Items - In-game Shop]
- Beast of Possibilities Package
- Gundam Double X Package
- Gundam Unicorn Package
- CCM Chance Package
- CCM Luck Package
- CCM Dominance Package

[Units (Sale by Astros) – In-game Shop]
- Gundam Unicorn (NT-D) (S Rank)
- Gundam Double X (S Rank)

[Units (Rental by Points / Astros) - In-game Shop]
- GN-X (Daryl Dodge Custom) (B Rank)
- GN Archer (A Rank)
- Verde Buster Gundam (A Rank)
- Blu Duel Gundam (A Rank)

[Blueprints (Points / Astros) - In-game Shop]
- Bolt Gundam (Super Mode) (AS Rank)
- Dragon Gundam (Super Mode) (AS Rank)
- Gundam Rose (Super Mode) (AS Rank)
- Gundam Maxter (Boxing Mode) (AS Rank)

[Stickers - added]
- GN 006 Sticker
- Star (Gold) Sticker
- Star (Silver) Sticker
- Santa Hat Haro2 Sticker
- Horse Sticker

[Gashapon - December 5th edition]

[Gashapon - units]
Strike Noir Gundam (AR Rank – 3 Slots)
Berga Giros (Zabine Chareaux Colors) (AR Rank – 3 Slots)
Char's Gelgoog (AS Rank – 4 Slots)
Kerberos BuCUE Hound (B Rank)
Mass Pro Qubeley (Active Cannon) (BS Rank)
G-Cannon (C Rank)

[Gashapon - Etc.]
OC100% Chip x1
Slot Expander x1
10,000 GP
CCM Slot Expander x25
CM Coins x10
Level Protectors x3
Custom Upgrade Kit x30

- More text bugs have been addressed
- Operators and Paints have prices reduced for the anniversary of SDGO NA
SDGO NA IGN: joshirosama
SDGO KR IGN: Ristelle
SDGO TW IGN: joshirosama