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Not entirely sure how that would work, sgi and game guard might be under an exclusivity agreement or maybe sgi only has enough to funds to use game guard.

Just guessing mostly, not sure what the situation with game guard is other than it being clunky and annoying for trickster.

Messing around with Morrowind again, not really sure what character to play though as they tend to end up being a master of all trades rather than a specific class because of how I play. (I tend to be a bit of a power gamer without giving it much of a second thought. Morrowind kind of lends itself to that fashion too, the game is absolutely brutal on a fresh, untrained character.)

Typical start is getting alchemy up for funds, once I've got steady income, go to trainers and try to max out endurance asap, same with intelligence since it's covered by alchemy. Reasoning is as far as I know, intelligence (not sure here) and endurance aren't retroactive, so every level that goes by where endurance isn't capped the character loses out on a good chunk of health.