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Originally Posted by Mirei
I love my luck, even in this game it hates me. Soo as a good grinder, I wanted to get a good start. Since Thursday, I've been resetting trying to get something good and today I finally got an Indian Grass. I've gotten Thor once and multiple Japanese gods and every other thing except for level 3 Magic Swordsman(saved the Thor account but didn't want to start with it because it was a light monster and I really don't wanna spend if I don't have to). QQ Time to be bad.
Hi Mirei. do you happened to have a japanese god Amaterasu?
i desperately want an Amaterasu as my starting god. If you do, could you give me the saving file so i could play as amaterasu.

in return, i can offer you any norse god you want. i have all kind of norse god including loki, but i just couldnt get odin or amaterasu after rerolling for more than one week