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Seriously, when its too easy to level up to 130, later work becomes harder. After this level when a newB needs to do tower, quests, or MQ PQ to level up, without the experience from hardwork, It will be a reason to quit the game at that level because you already get used to the lazy way. And there will be people complaining about drop rate and every other thing which was uneasy at first and things we as players who played for a period of time already got thhrough. Seriously, it will kill this game. Taiwan server is already down(on 29th of Nov) as there were plenty players with many many charactors leveled by cheating things(As getting high level were not as hard as eTO, and plenty 400s, A LOT OF 300+s). I dont wanna see this coming to eTO. But what can I say, if this really happens i will make charactors like crazy, and i bet Altiverse Equips' price would drop again. and tomb sets, haha will be joke yeah? look the SC 16 price in Fant now, how rediculous?

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