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Guild: Symphony

STORY of ggFTW Assassins #1
The city of Mussar is a grand trade city within the world of Tzadi. The city is a neutral, independent state separate from the strife of the other kingdoms in the world; Tiferet of the east hemisphere and Emun in the west hemisphere. Mussar is always lively with commerce on a global proportion, with merchants coming in from Tzadi and Emun to exchange goods, perform auctions and with the hope of starting new businesses. Crime is often minimal, however Courtesan Manors as well as Thieves guilds do exist within the independant state. Organized crime lords however often lay low and execute their plots within the other Kingdoms rather than in their home of Mussar.

As of late, the Assassin's guild has been uneasy, as the head has recently fallen at the hands of another. Pandemonium within the inner circle commences, and now more and more killings are on the rise within the borders of Mussar.

Bounty hunters are flocking to the city with the rise of wanted posters and grand rewards for those who strike down the rogue killers, however more and more citizens are falling to the undiscriminating blade of the rogue Assassins. Healers as well are travelling to Mussar upon request of the city's monarch, Malik Sefirah. The healers have been a bit successful in saving those who are attacked by the Assassins, but with more and more attacks on the rise they struggle to keep up with the attacks.
*** CAST ***
Mega = Matteo Arce
Dare = Paula Dima Abdul
Veloze = Vasu Iyer
Esper = Eoin Byrne
Care = Casper Albertsen
Jare = Jozefo Bello
Mirage = Miela Mingo
Vith = Volker Acker
MintyVampire = Mariette Labelle

At the chime of the grand clock in town, a group of citizens gather amongst themselves to speak to once another about rather pressing matters. Nearly a day ago, a major business man part of the underground organized crime ring, Sirius Saurio, had been murdered in his chambers by one of the many rampant assassins part of the now leaderless guild. The township has gathered a list of the top suspects, and gathered them to judge who it is they believe to be the killer. Those who are part of the group are a mixed group of foreigners, yet two natives also are suspected.

Matteo Arce shuffles uncomfortably where he stands, whereas Miela Mingo is rather calm, yet nervous of the whole situation. Casper Albertsen, woken from his slumber, yawns in confusion. Jozefo Bello is outraged that he of all people is included with the suspects, as Vasu Iyer tries to calm himself down by chanting some strange mantra of sorts. Mariette Labelle is busy whining about the heat to be focused on the current situation and Dima Abdul is visibly worried about having her store left unattended. Eoin Bryne and Volker Acker are the only two who seem truly calm at the moment...

"Alright, now let's get this underway," Bountyhunter chief, Daniella Montiel, shouts over the crowd and whatever batter is going on, "These are the suspects we have before us, and it is now time to weed through these people to see who are killer... Or killers, may be."
"... Alright, the consensus is in," Montiel looks up from the list in hand, "The one to be executed.. Is Matteo Arce."

Matteo gasps in shock, and steps up, "W-wait a moment, don't I get a trial!?"

"Well, there will be a brief one but the higher ups will probably lop off your head anyways," Montiel shrugged her shoulders, "... Sorry, but everyone has been judged, and you're the one to go..."

A group of bounty hunters approached Matteo and arrested him. Matteo doesn't resist, but instead looks to the citizens with a sorrowful expression, "... Though it is... Very saddening that I will die here, I only wish that you find the true killer soon..."

"Get a move on!" a bounty hunter demanded as he shoved Matteo towards the city courthouse.

The first suspect has been arrested and is to be executed tonight...

Over the course of the deathly still night, Matteo was executed painlessly. And now... May he rest in peace forevermore.

Oh midnight dance of silver and steel, show no mercy to he who lies beneath your blade. Strike without hesitation, and let the crimson dye the solemn moon in the clear night skies. A facade of calm breaks down into fear and desperation, soon melting into the seemingly emotionless bliss of death. Like the winds he came and now he is gone, leaving behind only the still corpse of Eoin Byrne.

The next day soon rolls in, and everyone is on edge at the discovery of Eoin Byrne's body. Mariette especially, who came to discover the body close to her doorstep. The citizens now desperately try to piece together just who the true killer may be from the remaining list of suspects.

But where was everyone last night? Montiel confronts the suspects once more...

"I was closing up my shop and cleaning up the herbs that were no longer fresh," Dima told Montiel, "Afterwards, I went home to eat dinner with my family."

Vasu piped, "I-I was attending prayer in the temple... After that, I went straight home and went to bed."

"What? Me? ugh... My head..." Casper groaned, "I was out, having a hell of a great time at the bar.. Checking out sexy over there." He gazed over at Miela with raised brows and a leacherous grin.

Miela couldn't help but flush, "W-what?... How improper, Mr. Albertsen...! Even now you are still...!"

Jozefo scratched the back of his head, "I went to bed at nine or so last night.. I'm a fishermen, so I have to wake up bright and early for the daily catch!"

"As for me, I was out of town," Volker stated calmly, "I had to get some oxen and other livestock for my butchershop. My family's farm is on the outskirts of town."

Mariette spoke last, "And I also went to sleep early... I had to wake up early this morning to tend to the fields on the outskirts of town, close to that farm."

Alibis set forth on the table, here is the list of actions from the prior night:

Dima was busy closing up shop and spending time with her family afterwards
Vasu Iyer was attending a late night prayer at one of the temples in town
Casper had been at the bar until late last night, and walked home at around 1am
Jozefo was asleep early last night, having went out earlier today to fish for catch to sell on the market
Miela was working as a hostess at the bar which Casper had attended
Volker was out of town, getting some livestock from his family farm to sell on the market in the morning
And Mariette also slept early to work out in the fields on the outskirts of town

So, who will be executed tonight?

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