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Default ggFTW Assassins #BETA

The city of Mussar is a grand trade city within the world of Tzadi. The city is a neutral, independent state separate from the strife of the other kingdoms in the world; Tiferet of the east hemisphere and Emun in the west hemisphere. Mussar is always lively with commerce on a global proportion, with merchants coming in from Tzadi and Emun to exchange goods, perform auctions and with the hope of starting new businesses. Crime is often minimal, however Courtesan Manors as well as Thieves guilds do exist within the independant state. Organized crime lords however often lay low and execute their plots within the other Kingdoms rather than in their home of Mussar.

As of late, the Assassin's guild has been uneasy, as the head has recently fallen at the hands of another. Pandemonium within the inner circle commences, and now more and more killings are on the rise within the borders of Mussar.

Bounty hunters are flocking to the city with the rise of wanted posters and grand rewards for those who strike down the rogue killers, however more and more citizens are falling to the undiscriminating blade of the rogue Assassins. Healers as well are travelling to Mussar upon request of the city's monarch, Malik Sefirah. The healers have been a bit successful in saving those who are attacked by the Assassins, but with more and more attacks on the rise they struggle to keep up with the attacks.
You will assume one of the following roles, and complete the story with the choices available to you.

Night is when the Assassin strikes in stealth. Everyone is unable to have a peaceful night's sleep as no one knows who the assassins are after. Neither do they know how the Assassin strikes. There had been cases of lethal poisoning, stabbing and also smothering. No one knows if they were actually done by the Assassins, but is always assumed so.

As someone who has joined the clergy recently, your powers are limited. However, even with the limitations, the divine powers vested in you is powerful enough to provide anyone immunity from any assassination attempts. As such, the Citizens would always try to seek you, the Cleric, out to protect them.

Living in a constant state of fear and distrust due to the simple fact that anyone could be an assassin. Should anyone die at night, the next morning would always be filled with drama as everyone shares the latest gossips and suspicions about who the Assassin is. On the same day when noon strikes, every citizen would then vote who they think is the Assassin. No one knows how effective this is because everyone claims to be innocent, but they know that this is the only way to be safe.

How to play
  1. Sign up with Shikisaurus. Registration will close on 2359 PST, Friday, 7th December 2012.
  2. Players and roles would be chosen and assigned randomly, and a PM notification would be sent to you.
  3. PM Shikisaurus the next move you'll take accordingly to your roles.
  4. Watch the story unfold as the choices you make lead to a finale that makes either teams victorious.
  1. Unless otherwise stated, do not reveal your roles at any time during the event. (This also applies even when you have lost the game)
  2. Only submit your votes on who to kill/save to the Event Manager, Shikisaurus.
Winners will receive a userbar according to the role they have assumed during the game.

Recurring winners will receive an additional 7 day Premium Membership