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Originally Posted by BraveHeartless
6.00 GB (5.75 useable) RAM and AMD Phenom(tm) II N970 Quad-Core Processor 2.20 GHz
Hm.. I thought you might have very little RAM but I guess not. I double client just fine on my notebook with only 4 GB RAM and a AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Processor 2.2 GHz. Your specifications are actually better than mine. I do take a long time getting to the character selection page, sometimes the Start button takes a while to load, but I don't get any error. I just lag a lot with more than one client running.

But in your case, I'd send a 1:1 ticket and see what they say.

Also, which OS do you use? I run Trickster on Windows 7 64-bit and Boot Camp Windows 8 64-bit.