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First talk about getting a new head!
Anyway, about shield.. if you don't really like that heart shield you putted in #1/#2,
thennn here are some options I was thinking about:
- Bronze Warrior Shield ~ I think it'll be nice on that set, also looks hax, and not that bad as Inferno Shield, but so huge hidin your face like Inferno (I personally mostly like big shields more than tiny ones too )
- Rainbow Shield ~ I think it'll fit you, not sure though. it's big, doesnt hide face (Guess so..? Never tried on kitties), Colors fit almost everything except fancy stuff (black-white), But it looks a bit weird.. Wellllll none said weird is bad
- Classic Red Shield ~ Fits your colors, and nice shape... only is.. Bloody.
- Heart Wing Shield ~ Looks kinda pretty similiar to the one you're currently wearing, only better color and a bit by shape too. (It isnt the 1 you're wearin, raiiiiiit? LOL)
- Valentine Shield 2012 ~ It's small and a bit weird, but I think it might fit you.
Think all these over? I have Classic Red Shield and Valentine Shield 2012 you can test if you want, also the Heart Wing Shield is really easy to find~
Anyyyywayyy, good luck~!