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That's the main thing that appealed to me about LaTale was the story which is why I did everything to make my character as strong as can be so I can clear through the dungeon to learn more about the story. I feel like making my own Action Side-Scrolling RPG game to re-tell the story because of it.

Well... yeah I noticed Iris' wearing those kinds of undergarments despite being an innocent or sweet character. But I do like her outfit which is the Derr attire they wear I think... in my opinion I believe the Derr are "fairy-like" people given the shuttle scene where Iris and her friends were talking to a male fairy character which was referred as a Derr being and that all Derr people have golden silver hair and purple eyes.

Levi original appearance before the Demon King fight, in my opinion looked cooler than his current appearance even if it's more "knight-like" in a way. Too girly-looking for me.

Kazno is a really cool dude and like his current look as well, though he feel regret after what he did to Iris and doesn't believe he has a right to see her again after what he did.

The Dark Moon Princess, seriously that's her real name and not a title (I want to call her Luna, but there's another NPC with that name, so I guess Kaguya would be a better fit), is a very selfish and troublesome girl who looks down on mostly everyone... though she is very grateful if someone saves her like Iris did once before and show to be stubborn with what she wants to do.
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