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Originally Posted by BoredomKillz
that would most likely be when the new class came out. it showed a video of iris and her party fighting the demon king and the new character popped up there to help as well. most likely had nothing to do with the story or plot. but idk

tbh what you described seemed to me like a very generic sounding character

pretty much after hell came out (im pretty sure) there was nothing new that advanced her story. when they were releasing the new continent and sub classes they explicitly stated that they would be putting her story on the back burner. its been that way every since afaik
I guess, but does seem strong-willed person and resolved to completing her tasks. You don't really talk to her, person yet in the game, and from the loading she seems to be also a researcher of sorts and an explorer. But I also imagine her to be easily teased and retaliates in a playful manner, like continuing bonking someone in the head in an anime chibi-like manner, and easy to embarrass as well.

When was the "Hell" story released? 2 or 3 years ago? Hopefully they'll get back to it, I hate to see her story get canned when that was the original story plot of the game when they released it and wanted to go with.

PS: What does "tbh" mean? Haven't learned all of the abbreviates yet.
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