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I wonder if they're trying to prolong Iris' story until the time is right (I remember a video on the new sub-classes or another class where the fight the Demon King who then takes Iris with her so I assume they were going to resume that story). They could wrap up Iris' story and start a brand new story for the players that undergo Iris' own requests to help the world of LaTale.

I'm really interested in the character Iris Livier and I was hoping they finished that story because I want to get to know her. Only through some comics they made for it and some info about her (which I can't remember where I read it, in a comic or not) which is is portrayed as innocent, naive, gullible (she falls for con-artists scams which I believe Kazno mentioned when you talk to him) but is shown to be studious, responsible, adventurous, kind, caring, stubborn, helpful. She always seems to be down on herself feeling she let the world of LaTale and its people, especially her friends and wonders how they're doing and I also think she's the forgiving type as well.

That's what I get from the Iris Stones where she saves your locations for the Warp Stones and such.

When did they put Iris' story on hiatus?
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