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I just finish Spicy quest here some info.

Item needed on quest

Spicy set
100 orc Bats.
100 orc Chains.
1 Shattered Amethyst piece 1. (Drilled on Tap fields)

Talk Stan in Tap1 (Your Spicy set must in your inventory) (Click I have legendary items option)

Quest(Finding the first Piece)

Request: 1 Shattered Amethyst piece 1

Cycle 1: 1 Shattered Amethyst piece 1 EXP 80,857,490/TM EXP 11,968,358.

*Note* Once you finish Stan quest you don't need Spicy set on later quest.

Talk Terra in Tap 3 (Click option 1)

Quest (Terra's Second Piece)

Request: 100 Orc bats and 100 orc Chains.

Cycle 1: Shattered Amethyst Piece 2. EXP 80,857,490/ TM EXP 11,968,358.

*Note* 35,800 WT is needed on this quest. (If your not pure WT. Myshop pouch is needed)

Talk Eclipse in Spicy Island (After you talk Eclipse you will tele to Tapasco boss room past)

Quest (In search of the last piece)

Request: Last Shattered amethyst piece(Rare) (Drillled on Tapasco boss room past)

Cycle 1: Last Shattered Amethyst Piece. EXP 80,857,490/ TM EXP 11,968,358.

*Note* Spicy Dragon is there.

Talk to Happisto Tap 2 (Click option 1)

Quest (A pendant for the hero of Cabala)

Request: Shattered amethyst 1, 2 and 3.

Cycle 1: Dragonic Restraint Pendant. EXP 101,071,863/ TM EXP 14,960,448.

Shattered amethyst 1, 2 and 3 image and Shattered amethyst 3 description.


Sorry Guys no info on the shard 2 ~_~ I don't know how to edit Wiki i leave it up to you guys -_-

My friend says Spicy quest is bug on Gun/Dagger you can only do Spicy quest using Sword/Staff.

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