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sounds like the test went pretty well which is good to hear.

Not sure how to describe nippon ichi games other than a sort of time sink where the player can get huge numbers, max level is 9,999 and stat caps are generally 99,999,999 with huge top end damage numbers if you decide to take the time to set it up.

Thing is, a single character can hit level 9,999 many times over by reincarnating as a level 1 and getting bonus stats based off of their prior level, max reincarnation level is 186,000 based off of what guides are saying, so a character will go from 1 to 9999 about 19 times for maxed out bonus points to add to his or her stats.


For example, Adell in my disgaea 3 game tends to do about 3.1 bil or so with his strongest single target skill on average, 800 mil on the low end mainly due to it being fire based and having enemy resist get in the way. If I decided to put an enemy to sleep and break their fire resist, along with having him equipped with an ability that does 100% more damage to sleeping enemies, that can raise to about 13 bil with him completely buffed. If you search disgaea videos on youtube, there are some showing damage up in the high trillions. XD

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