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Phew, finally back. The wireless internet had been out for a week or so and iTunes has managed to have over 40 app updates in that time. They're gearing up for Christmas!

Totally agree with this Questionable Content T-shirt: TopatoCo: All My Vices Shirt

Bio Test! (The one with the 1 1/4 inch pile of flash cards)

Vis: Oh, the Disgaea sounds a little like Aurum Blade (it's an app). There's a tower and there are certain levels where you can get different guardians.

Kani: Yay, it's time for a break! Also, that Pullip looks...quite feminine ~o.o~ The jacket's nice though

Hyale: Haha, that Teddie guy is so round and like a bear

Mika: Enjoying Rusty Hearts?

*SHOULD* get back to essay...maybe a couple more minutes first (read: hours). Later guys^^