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If you guys got some problem playing, you could check out the puzzle guide here:
(link, don't mind the video, start reading where it says "型1:i字")

I also figured out a few puzzle solving on my own =]



Corner-shaped (alternative solution):

The last one is where you cannot solve the corner-shape puzzle from going in the "x" spots, either because the puzzle is stuck at corner or if you did that, other puzzles would be disrupted.

When you're getting familiar with these shape, try to arrange your puzzle to those shapes and connect them together, getting 3 to 6 or even more combos shouldn't be much of a problem.


Here's another useful technique, usually used when you know there's strong enemies later and you need some spike damage; also you would usually do this when there's only 1 more enemy left on the field (preferably something more durable).

For the 2 rows at top, it's up to you if u want to use the bottom row for damage too. Sometimes you might be able to use just the top row for orb-elimination (or for small damage to kill the remaining enemy without touching the big combo below), sometimes you don't.

Be careful when you're doing this, if you're not careful, it's VERY easy for you to make a tiny mistake while causing a huge chain reaction; which may kill the last remaining enemy, destroy your hard work, and leaving yourself with strong enemies coming up next.


Adding something else, but I'm not going into details like the formula used, just remember:

- When you connect more than 3 orbs, any more addition orbs connected would each give a 25% bonus (same for healing orb)
- Each time you make a combo, a 25% bonus would be applied to the final damage/heal amount
- When your puzzle is filled with load of same colored orbs, sometimes you would deal more damage by splitting them apart for more combos, as opposed to eliminating them as one big chunk (counting as 1 or 2 combos only)

ex. 6 Dark Orbs, all connected together (1 combo) gives 100% + (25%*3) = 175% damage; split apart (2 combos) gives 100% + 100% = 200% damage.

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