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Exclamation i need guardian help...alot of it.

soo i want a legendary krusef, but i have no idea of how to do it. everyone's telling me different things and i just want to know fact from fiction and i need advice.
all i know is that i will need 1.3~1.5k cards and star gazing.

1. what do you think the best and most safe build would be to ensure that i get the charm-type guardian? how's the best way for me to do it?

2. is it true that ci gives flashes for charm and sense?

3. do all the stats get the point boost from secret empathy, or does one certian stat get the point boost?

4. do you think it's possible to get legendary with just 1k of cards?

5. if i raise one stat to 6, will i still be able to get legendary? will it add some chance of me getting mighty?

6. do runes let you use skills from another class? (ex:charm+rune=power/charm skills)

7. do you only earn secret empathy with star gazing if you get a title?

8. how many cards did you use when you used ci? how many sc's did you get?

9. will getting a total of less than 14 for the build mess up the chance of getting a legendary?

10. is getting a legendary by chance even if you do secret empathy?

*ty for all your help and answering my questions c: sorry for having so many :c