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I bet Izayoi will be the console version's token Murakumo Unit Final Boss™ in the final story mode.

Like in CT and CS, multiple chars will try to fight the Murakumo Unit Final Boss™ one at a time instead of together -because that's obviously forbidden in a fighting game- only to fail, which will lead to another character trying their hand at trying to beat said final boss. Eventually, it will end on Ragna's turn, and somehow the heroes will emerge victorious, whether through their efforts in the fight or by accident in a cutscene later.

But wait! After the fight Ragna is greatly injured, which leads to Noel crying her heart out as if she really was his loving imouto, all while shouting "baka baka baka!" several times, complete with Stardust Memory playing in the background.

Time to place bets on who will fight Izayoi: I'd say Jin, Noel (probably in Mu-12 form), and finally Ragna.

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