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"Code of Princess" for the 3DS.

A side-scrolling, action, role-playing game.

I have about 5 hours put into this game so far, and I'm having trouble putting it down. In all's nothing incredibly special. The artwork is nice but nothing fancy, the music is pleasant to the ears while not being something you'd specifically search for in the future, and the storyline is bare-minimum while still managing to give hardcore RPG fans like myself some good laughs.

In the end though, the even mixture of pros and cons comes together to form a good game. I guess I'd compare it to Dungeon Fighter Online if you've ever played that. I can only imagine how amazingly fun co-op and VS modes are too, if you find a friend or someone online to play them with.

If you're a fan of beat-em-ups with a few RPG elements, I'd recommend it for sure. If not...wait for the price to drop.

One final note : The game play can get a tad laggy at times...but that seems to hold true for a lot of the 3DS games...or at least, all the ones I've bought.
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