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Originally Posted by Inspiration
What do you mean that levelling is more costly in Nippon Ichi Vis?
Yeah, black fridays here tend to be complete and utter chaos from what I've heard. Once again, closest I've came to participating is honestly the sales on trickster when the myshop lags to kingdom come once the sale starts. XD

Leveling in makai kingdom is a bit more costly because of an interesting gimmick, the main character is a book that grants wishes, but the wishes take mana to grant. One of the best ways of leveling in the game is creating a user made dungeon with the person making the wish being 100 or higher and equipped with a food item. They start out relatively cheap at ~3k mana for the lower end ones, but they quickly bloat up in cost to the ~150k range without much trouble. There are ways to get that much mana pretty fast, but it takes a little while to get the proper set up to do it easily.

Whereas, with the disgaea games there tends to be a dungeon in the game called ____ of ordeals, one of the maps there is set up with a nice 3 by 3 grind of enemies waiting for their faces to be aoe'ed off. This can be done until the player gets sick of it and there's no further cost besides opening up the ordeals dungeon. Level in disgaea games doesn't matter quite as much as having awesome gear as well. In makai kingdom having awesome gear is nice, but leveling/reincarnating in to items with a good confine % are the main deciding factor in how powerful the character is.

Nippon Ichi is the developer of the games I've been playing. ^^

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