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Hinoishi is on a distinguished road

Games I've beaten so far and average play times I can remember~:
inFamous: Good side and Evil side + all side missions: roughly 43 hours total~
inFamous 2: Good and Evil side + side missions + DLC: 62 hours
Asura's Wrath: Multiple difficulty playthroughs (about 5): 61 hours
White Knight Chronicles (1 & 2): Campaign and Online: roughly 150+ hours
Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 & 3: Collected all trophies + Online: 165+ hours
Skate 2 & 3: Completed all Challenges online/offline: 200+ hours ( xD -fist pump-)
The Legend of Zelda T.P.: First time ever playing a Zelda game: 59 hours (got lost so many times... xD)
Ehhh~ Thats about all I can remember at this time. No major feat's done in Trickster as of late. Trying to determine if I want to make a Gladiator (of all things) or work on my Duke getting to 335. D':