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Hey guys, enjoyed your weekends? It was funny seeing the difference between Black Fridays in the US and Black Fridays in Canada on the news. In the US, it was like "WHERE ARE THEM DEALZ AT, HURRY, GRAB ME 2351059305173 OF THOSE! /general chaos" whereas when they showed the people lined up in Canada, there were relatively fewer and they looked a lot calmer, actually walking into the store instead of running.

Personally, I think the bleeding lady would have priority on the bleeding towel but was that the absolute last one in the bottom of the bin? ($1.50 really does sound like a good price though). "And why are you here at the police station today Ms. _____?" "There was this towel for $1.50 and someone tried to take it from me!" Note: someone can be substituted with any other noun you wish.

What do you mean that levelling is more costly in Nippon Ichi Vis?

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