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Wink >v<;; ggftw woohooo~

Hello guys

Finally my ggftw works! it allways kicked me out by register or any stupidly way ;-;\
i've used to be many times on ggftw, but im in army now so i barely had time x-x

My name is Valerie, im from israel Heyyy~
I had 2 main accs, but one of them were hacked the other one ban q_____q. (still banned-heart stab)
I have now newer account >3<
Maybe some of you saw me?
i have prima - kiwiee,
bunny - iRozalyn
and foxie mama - iSayurie

Nice to meet you all! hope you will accept me to ur loving home (ggftw) XD
*hope that i can edit my avatar later i saw 6 posts already D:. but still no luck sob*