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Originally Posted by PortgasDNikarium
The server is Jewelia, right? >.<
If so, I'd like to buy 1 Valentine Shield, and I wanna test the Valentine Sword too, might buy it ^^;
I wont be able to provide a flame >.< if I don't provide a flame the price is as stated, (and if I do it's being reduced by 10m,) correct?
Ign: Invysible.
Please PM me~
Yes, the server is jewellia ^-^.
Sure . Yeah only if u provide flame i will reduce the price of the item by 10m >3< and oke :3
will pm you when ill be back from army! x3

Originally Posted by Valese
Hey Lerie! Could you mail-trade my cat the Hibiscus hair accessory with your flame?

IGN: Valese (as you know hehe) I'll buy it when I get on later tonight or tomorrow morning!

Thanks alot!
Vale-chan, im buying it, its on buying list XDD" hehe~

Originally Posted by Shanny
Hi Val, I think it's her buying list. xD;
Just noticed that the Buying List started off in brown, so..
yeah /: ...

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