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Hi Janny dear,

First of all, if your friend wants to become a Primadonna, I don't think HP is the right option. It'll benefit her if she becomes a Diva but as you said, she definitely wants a Primadonna. With this said, most Primadonnas are usually Pure AP (I'm not saying ALL). I've owned several AP Primadonnas before in the past (making and re-making) and they turned out pretty fine. I just get bored of certain classes easily, so I tend to make and re-make a lot. I currently own a HP Diva and I love her, as you probably already know.

I think it'd be a lot more logical for your friend to add all growth bonus points to the AP stat. Usually, people add the growth bonus points to determine certain skills (or all of their skills?).
Ask yourself, "Why do mages add MA?"

1. Well, they are mages.

2. MA enhances Magical Attack, and for Magical Attack you need Magical Attack Skills.

But then again I had an AP sheep a couple of years back (for fun, of course) but hey, with the semi-new Elemental Boost skill; Pure AP isn't such a bad idea.

Now going back to what I said about AP Primadonnas.
Ask yourself, "Why should anyone become an AP Primadonna?"

1. A few skills need AP to determine the physical attack of the certain skill. (E.g. 2 Hit Combo needs AP but it also needs HV)

2. For PvP/PvM as a Primadonna, it's best to go pure AP because of the first reason.

3. AP also increases general attack power with out the use of skills, also.

Now, "What about a HV Primadonna?"

1. Helps with physical attack skills.

2. HV also helps you with evading attacks

3. Charm Types are forced to have a four on their Build Graph, so it'd make sense to add onto one of the stats (HP, DP, HV **) but some may argue against that by saying
"How are you going to balance out then?"
- Well, what are equipments for? All stats are useful in their own way, though MA isn't very useful towards a Charm-Type.

**Notice how AP isn't in the list. 3124 would be a stable build for a cat in general. Adding AP to the soon-to-be-Primadonna = reasonably good HP, HV, DP because of the +4 and decent AP, DC, DX because of the +3 compared to other classes. As for Sense and Magic, they're not too important. +2 in Sense for the WT and as for +1 Magic, you might have low MP but that's natural. Don't bother in comping MP unless you have nothing else to do.

As for equipment, I think she should compounding AP/HP/HV. It's her choice, really. To which ever stat that falls behind, make sure that she tries to balance it out. - This can be done by mature compounding and finding the right equipments.

As Care pointed out earlier, I do strongly believe that Divas>Primadonnas (but that's just my opinion).

The only reasons I can think of to why someone would become a Primadonna is because of..

- Their Fashion in third job form
- Cuter Profile View
- Third Job skills (I so jelly of that Entrancing Wink &2 Hit Combo.)
- Evolution Lover. It's kind of useless to Divas (well to my HP Diva at least)

To summarize, I'm just going to say it's all your friend's choice. AP/HV/HP or what ever she feels is best for her and what ever she wants. AP or HV is what I'm recommending, though. (Or to just make a Diva and join the Diva club<3)

This is all just based on my own opinion. I hope I helped, by the way.