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Default Fuses (J) /(B) Fuses

hiii! ;3
I want to sell some of my fuses that i dont need. ^_^
Here some things i want to point out!
1.I have 4 Flames, So the rest you gonna have to provide + if you provide me the flame, i will low the price by 10m! ^-^

2.You can offer me price if you think its fair or stable. (and ill try to reconsider it)
3.Dont worry, i wont scam
. Im playing for 6 years allmost so yeah. ^__^.
Lets enjoy nice selling. :3

Selling list:
Christmas tree sword 120
(Tradeable) - 10m
Yoppa club x2 (need flame) - 35m
Snow sword x2(need flame) - 30m
Cheri sabre (need flame) - 35m
Canna wand x4 (need flame) - 25m
Spider umbrella (need flame) - 20m
Valentine sword (need flame) - 45m
Christmas marble staff
(need flame) - 25m
Gun wand x2 (need flame) - 55m
Thomas valentine weapon
(Tradeable) - 10m
Guitar gun
(need flame) - 55m
Christmas marble gun
(need flame) - 25m
Nyxx hat
(fused) - 70m
Nora hat
(Tradeable) - 20m
Mirage helmet
(Tradeable) - 150k
Humorous hat
(need flame) - 25m
Affection hat
(need flame) - 25m
Happy hat
(need flame) - 25m
Thats all for now, Ill update later if there is more.
My Ign is - Kiwiee/ iSayurie/ iRozalyn
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