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Originally Posted by zgmfx19a
Use the weekend to grind for those two dungeon towers that has reduced stamina cost while the stage still adds significant experience to your exp bar. You can also grind for your Titan while doing so.

I'll drop the the fire chimera for a healer. If possible, drop your fire dragon for another dark dragon, but I'll advise against raising two dark resists or two moonlight. If fire dragon's the best you got, then stick to it for now. If you have a grass resist dragon that is decently leveled, I'll go with that instead.

Out of the two dark dragons, focus your attention solely on dark resist until you've leveled it up. By then, you should have other dragons to focus on.
i do have a pierdra(no. 300) but don't know if it's worth training

i already replaced the chimera with a mandrake, best i got for now.

imgur: the simple image sharer my current storage

can't really get any other dragon since legendary green dragon dungeon is too hard
i already got a blue dragon in storage

just cleared tower of flare, now im on the 2nd dungeon after Castle of Satan
and 4th technical dungeon, 4th stage...can't clear

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