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That art is beautiful


The newest support champion to join the League is Nami, the Tidecaller. A water caster who channels the primal energies of the ocean, Nami harnesses water’s restorative properties and commands the raw power of the tides themselves.


  • Surging Tides (Passive): Allied champions affected by Nami’s abilities have their movement speeds increased for a short duration.
  • Aqua Prison: Nami sends a bubble of water into the air to a targeted location that deals magic damage and displaces enemies hit by the bubble.
  • Ebb and Flow: Unleashes a surge of water that can target an enemy or allied champion. The water can bounce from champion to champion and deals magic damage to enemy champions and heals allied champions.
  • Tidecaller’s Blessing: Nami buffs an allied champion, adding extra magic damage and a slow to their attacks.
  • Tidal Wave: Nami summons a massive Tidal Wave from her position. The wave deals magic damage and slows all enemy units it passes through. Enemies closest to the initial spawn point are slowed for a shorter duration than those farther away, but all are slowed for a significant length of time and Tidal Wave has a large range.

As a support with powerful crowd control abilities, Nami’s kit gives her the potential to impact every phase of your games. In lane, Nami excels at applying constant pressure to the enemy. The buffs provided by Tidecaller’s Blessing allow her lane partner to come out ahead in exchanges, and the long-distance stun from Aqua Prison can keep low health enemies from engaging safely. Moreover, because her healing skill also bounces to damage nearby enemies, Nami’s core support abilities work best when her partner is on the attack.

In the mid game, when teamfights become more frequent, the utility of Ebb and Flow increases. The more champions the wave can bounce to, the more efficient it becomes. You can use Aqua Prison and Tidal Wave to disrupt opponents’ positioning with stuns and slows, and take advantage of her passive combined with Tidecaller’s Blessing to help chase down a fleeing enemy champion.

With her potent combination of crowd control and buffs, Nami continues to have a substantial presence in team fights once the transition is made to the late game. Even though she’s not on the front lines dishing out damage, Nami becomes a fantastic initiator through the range of her ultimate. The enormous distance covered by the rushing Tidal Wave can easily force a teamfight, or allow her team to disengage while their opponents are slowed under the weight of the tide.

Balancing her offensive capabilities and defensive utility will be crucial to success with Nami. Learn to ride the rolling wave, and you may find your team swimming to victory.

*As with any champion, Nami’s abilities may change before release. Click here to comment

PBE Update as well~

The PBE has been updated yet again!
Continue reading to preview the latest PBE content, including the new legendary Eternum Nocturne skin, the splash art for Arclight Varus, and more!
( REMINDER: Everything on the PBE is tentative and subject to change )

Eternum Nocturne
Riot sure didn't waste any time getting the recently announced legendary Nocturne skin on to the PBE. Eternum Nocturne is now available for testing and comes complete with everything you would expect a legendary skin to have: all new particles, animations, sounds, and a new voice over..

Here is a skin spotlight, showing off this fancy new skin in action.

Arclight Varus
Arclight Varus finally got his splash art added

New particles on CV
This isn't really new, but I did miss it in the earlier PBE patches so I figured I would mention it now; take a peep at the new particles for Clairvoyance.

Balance Changes
A few more Nami and item tweaks made it into this iteration.
  • Aqua Prison now states it "stuns enemies" instead of "lifting them into the air...". Spell is the same, just worded different.
  • Ebb and Flow healing increased to 75/105/135/165/195 from 60/90/120/150/180
    Ebb and Flow damage increased to 65/105/145/185/225 from 50/90/130/170/210
  • Ebb and Flow's damage and healing value is now decreased by 15% everytime it jumps.
Enchantment: Homeguard
  • You now lose the regenerative / move speed effects if you enter combat.
Sword of the Divine
  • It now only gets it's cooldown reduced on champion kills instead of kills and assists.
  • Activate duration has been reduced to 3 seconds from 4 seconds.
Wriggles Lantern
  • Bonus damage increased to 500 from 450

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