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Originally Posted by leila123
Hi Hi ~ I would love to sell some of my fuses ~

*You Need Flame/Book For Some of the Fuses/Pets.
*I'm Not so sure about the prices, So you Can offer.
*PM/Mail 9life.

Peridot Shamrock Hairband - 50mil
Admiral's Hat - 60mil
Divine Spirit Tiara - 30mil
Santa Karu Hat - 25mil
Harvest Tiara - 50mil
Baker's Hat - 60mil
Hunter Yuna Hat - 65mil
Apprentice Witch Pepe Hat - 50mil (Your Flame)

Eltron Cloak - 20mil (Your Flame)
Hawaiian Cape - 15mil (Your Flame)
Controversia Cape - 25mil (Your Flame)
Apprentice Witch Pepe Cape (3) - 30mil (Your Flame)
Dark Noxx Cape - 35mil (Your Flame)

Lovely Vinosh - 15mil (Your Book)
Apprentice Witch Pepe - 50mil (Your Book)
Little Devil Neal - Sold
Dark Noxx - 60mil (Your Book)

Devil Neal Sword - 30mil (Your Flame)
Devil Neal Crossbow - 30mil (Your Flame)
Apprentice Witch Pepe Staff - 30mil (Your Flame)
Princess's Shield - 20mil (Your Flame)
Apprentice Witch Pepe Shield - 30mil (Your Flame)
Warrior Bika Buffalo Shield - 10mil (Your Flame)

Happy Wedding Glasses - Sold
~ ~ ~
i got more 2 items for sell :3

Hawaiian Glasses - 750mil

Powerful Stick 275 - 95% of max, 118 ma BASE, lvl 4 (212 MA), 1 Slot - 900mil
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