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Default Not sure what to do now, I got dragged back but....

Basically I forgot about my failed appeal and how I got a lovely little message on how I shouldn't try to appeal again and how I'm lucky I even can still access the services of SGI/Game Rage. :/

Well I stupidly sent an appeal and now I'm just saying... "Welp, I wasted time leveling new characters and my old ones cause now Syn's just gonna delete my account probably."

I'm literally at a loss of words of what I can do in this scenario, I'm perma 7767'd and with no hope of lift of it as well as a threat to terminate my account completely, I can barely even remember the incident that led up to this but all I can say it really sucks....

I forgot my old password so I was like.. Hm let's change our pass, then I find out now I'm stuck with a temporary password, I can't change it and I couldn't cash if I wanted to..

Should I just give up on Grand Chase even though I actually was kind of enjoying my short lived return? I mean my IP and probably even my computer address are banned from the site... and I'd copy and paste my previous 7767 lift requests but it probably goes against terms.

I guess I'm posting this here cause it is technically about the game, although more about what can I do when I actually still like the game but I'm pretty much about to be completely wiped off the game, making a new account isn't an option and.. well yeah...

Sorry for my rambling, just a bit disappointed and facepalming after I dug up an old appeal...

Edit: Seems I was paranoid.

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