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Originally Posted by Valese
You do realize a lot of the hardcore players prefer using Elixirs to get even higher compounds right? It's the same thing as Tempering Gems;

1. You take the risk of paying real money to get Tempering Gems and get a chance to go over max.
2. You stick to free items (Chaos Feathers) and get a decent or near max temper.


1. You risk paying real money and get Elixirs to get a chance to go over max.
2. You stick to free items (Framework + ingame Gompound Stone) to get a max compound on 1 slot (if you actually take the time to go Harkon Protect for however many times and win to collect 2400 coins and then that times 3 for 1 equipment.)

And I hope (and think) that Harkon Coins won't be tradeable.
This is stupid. I compound with elixirs and some times I get near minimal results. The frameworks on the other side are a 100% guarantee of max compound if I am not mistaken. Don't try to compare 2 completely different items.

About the tempering gems, if you are lucky you can get an over 100% potential equipment spending 400k points. IF YOU ARE LUCKY. I like tempering, it depends on real life luck, the tempering gem is, fortunately, a joke, having nearly 0% chances of the temper resultto be hax. (That means even with your daddy's money you won't get OP gear, which is fair to the players that can't pay for it.)

The only thing you said that makes sense is that Harkon Coins shouldn't be tradeable.

Originally Posted by ansem112
That and maybe they limit it to 1 framework per item as Kale had mentioned before. We do not know for sure yet so best thing to wait instead of complain. In my opinion it would be an awesome addition~
1 framework per item would be a less bad idea.

Originally Posted by vs824
hmmmmmmm... do u possess clairvoyance?
TL;DR -> Wait and see for yourself.

As I said, it's a pattern. I didn't say it was going to be bad, I said the chances of being bad were high. Just think, the last good thing they did was the Private Shop Search and the Guild System. Those 2 were good updates although I would consider them low priority stuff compared to what needs to be implemented.

Now let's check the others:
New skills updates: My fox is lv 276 and the only skill I got was a faster reload passive skill, useless skill on high level monsters that require a powerful skill to kill.
Buffalos got a healing skill while standing still. ROFL.
Raccoons, a suicide bomber skill. ROFL.

Neil's camp, Tapasco Spa. Same quests we already did, different npc and different items. More boring stuff.

Even back in the days, everybody used to be in ONE boss room waiting for the boss to spawn. Everyone together. They updated it and put everyone in their cube office. Do you hunt bosses with your friends? Do you hunt bosses with your whole guild? Probably not. Encouraging solo game-play style is the first sign they have no idea of what they are doing. You only go in a boss room in a party if you are helping someone to kill the boss or if you are being helped, you wouldn't do it normally would you? Share the unique? Naah.

Spicy Dragon. Memory tests, puzzles, nice new content but ooops you are still hunting him alone... I guess you don't need friends anyway, let's play solo !

Anyway I think this is not the place to discuss it. I'm out !

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