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Originally Posted by Cait
im upset.

The GMs are angreh at me for posting my petition claiming they "Told me not to post my petition" before, which they NEVER DID..

I feel like...

they hate me

and im afraid to touch the forums over there anymore ;x
I'd just leave those forums alone for now, if they're gonna pull that kind of thing.

Even if they feel the need to have something like Game Guard incorporated, they could have at least removed it for as long as it took to figure out why it was causing so many problems, and how to stop it from doing that. You know...allow players to play. Than, when they were positive all the glitches were taken care of, they could pop it back in.

You took a reasonable and vocal stand against something, because it was undoubtedly decreasing the population of a game you have and continue to support and love for years. If you get punished for something like that...goodbye Trickster Online.
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