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Default another year of spikes game of the shit

Game of the Year | Assassin's Creed III, Dishonored, Journey, Mass Effect 3, The Walking Dead: The Game | Video Game Awards 2012

i've been here too long
theres too many things wrong to list as usual
so i'm going to do my own version

top 5 worst spike video game award decisions of the year:

5. best original score
no xenoblade, really? it's funny that it's on the best wii game section though
wait there's no gw2 either, but that's in the multiplayer section

4. best studio of the year
if you're just going to choose the studios that made your goty candidates there's not much point is there
i'm looking, but i don't see arenanet as a candidate

3. no online game section
i'm willing to bet the amount of people that play online games vastly outnumber those that play driving, or rpg, or fighting, and etc.
so where is it

2. best social game/best adapted game
so you have these categories
but no strategy or platforming or other actual video game genres

1. putting multiplatform games as a candidate in best console games
thats great, your best on this specific console is also on another console
so whats the point of best on X console again