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Default searching for a game

there are way too many online games to choose from and new ones appear from day to day so i need help with this - i need to find a MMO with the following characteristics

1) the game should allow people to take equipment from guilty players (those who killed too many people) once they kill them.

2) there should be no item lock feature (like in conquer online) which prevents guilty players from dropping equipment when they get killed

3) open PVP maybe with some safe places but the idea is, you can kill anybody you want

4) it would be good if the servers would be located in europe so that i won't have lag

5) the game should be pretty popular. i've seen some games in which it takes several minutes to meet another player so i don't want to be the only one playing

6) and at last, the game should require some skill so that it won't be boring

for me the first 2 are the most important, everything else comes after. so if you know any such good games you can send me a mail at