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Default Heroes in the Sky - Flight simulator

Hi my fellow gamers! I want you to share my Heroes in the Sky game review

Heroes in the Sky is an flight simulator third person shooter that was set during the World War II event. Players need to choose between Axis of Allies forces. Axis is composed by Italy, Germany, and Japan while Allies is composed by Soviet, United States and Britain.

Players can chose airplanes from the past during the World War II event. Players can also modify their plane with different equipment make it stronger than other planes. Each airplane has exclusive items and stats.

Heroes in the Sky is a lobby based game that you can join other players to do a mission or PVP with them.

Players can customize your airplane and there are three (3) types of airplanes which are fighters, gunners and bombers.

The sound in the game is good that players can feel the actual war while they are playing.

The graphics is great and it doesnít require a maximum system requirements. The explosion of the plane is very realistic. The plane that was shot down loses its control, burns in the sky, crashes down and explodes. There are also fogs in the game which makes a player a hard time when catching a plane.

I liked most in Heroes in the Sky is itís a fast paced game that I can shoot many enemy fighters. There are also too many challenging missions that sometimes you need to team up with another player in order to finish mission because it is hard. There are too many airplanes to choose from that is hard to

Heroes in the Sky is a good game but most of the missions are the same like kill the airplane or protect the airplane. These missions give you EXP that allows you to level up and tech points which you can unlock new aircraft. There are few English speaking players that it is hard to talk with them. Most of these players are Germans. Even they are hard to communicate, they are good players that will help you or join you.

Final Words
Overall Heroes in the Sky is addictive to play especially for airplane fans. There are many missions to be done and many airplanes to choose from. Heroes in the Sky is worth playing specially for players who likes third person shooters.

Score: 8/10