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Default Guide (Basics)

I'll assume you understand how to play the game. If you don't, view the youtube video above to know what is roughly going on. Let's get straight to the basic mechanics and stuff then.

1.) Game Files
Use a program like iTools or something, access the folder "Documents" within the game data. data048.bin is your account info, while data056.bin is your monsters collection database file. Just backup these two files onto your computer, and voila. You can now play multiple accounts.

2.) Jewels
Jewels are the cash item of the game, and can only be used for the following purpose:
i) 5 to roll rare gacha once.
ii) 1 to expand monster storage by 5
iii) 1 to expand friendlist by 5 (it max out by 50 normally)
iv) Restore stamina
v) Revives

It is recommended that non-paying players roll rare gacha only twice or at most thrice at the start of the game. The rest of the jewels should only be spent on storage expansion. It's only advisable to try rolling for the rare gacha again after hitting like 80 to 100 storage spaces.

General thumb of rule is not to revive but to just restore stamina. Usually, your maximum stamina will be much more than the amount of stamina required for the dungeons. Only revive when a very rare egg has dropped and you want to keep it. Like when say, the dropping of a Magic Sword egg.

Ways to get jewels:
i) cash
ii) rewards for accumulated days of logging in (300 days of accumulation max, up to about 50 jewels in total)
iii) events
iv) compensation for bugs, sudden maintenance etc
v) clearing a complete set of dungeon. This includes special dungeons and technical dungeons.

It is imperative for non-paying players to know how to manage their jewels carefully. By the way, gold has no other purpose other than to level and evolve your monsters, so you don't have to worry about saving them for anything else.

3.) Types of gacha
There are 4 types of gacha:
i) Friendship gacha. Cost 200 friendship points per roll. Usually garbage, but a main source for the elemental defense dragons. If you are lucky, you may also get the Healer Girls or even Vampire or Titan. There may be ongoing events which will add special monsters into the gacha.
ii) Rare gacha. Cost 5 jewels a roll, basically the easy-modo gacha.
iii) Special events gacha. The first of its kind appeared only at the latest version, and has special monsters from FF Crystal Defender Dungeon events.
iv) Lvl20 gacha. Once you hit level twenty, you'll get a chance to roll the gacha plus gives one of your friends the chance to roll as well. Has one of the three main starter dragons plus the light and dark versions. Used to be the only source for a monster with leader skill that grants 2x light damage, but newer monsters have replaced it already. Monsters from this cap will definitely have a +1 stats to them.

4.) Event dungeons
There will be two ongoing events in the special dungeons at any one time (boss will drop eggs, but at varying rates depending on the difficulty), since each event will last for 2 weeks and a new event will replace an old one every week. Other special event dungeons will appear there as well, such as the guerrilla dungeons for the metal dragons or etc.

5.) Raising monsters, evolving monsters, +1 monsters, ultimate evolution
The cost of feeding monsters to your main one will increase gradually as your monster's level increase. Cost is calculated by levelx100 gold. So feeding your lvl 3 monster 5 sacrifices will cost you 3x100x5 = 1500 gold.

Evolving monsters is carried out specifically under the evolution tab.

Ultimate evolution is carried out in the normal tab where you raise your monster's levels. For certain monsters that are eligible for ultimate evolution, just feed them the correct sacrifices and you will be given the option to evolve your monster, plus gain the experience from the fed sacrifices as well.

+1 eggs/monsters have additional stats given to them. Every +1 to HP will gives an additional 10HP to your monster. Every +1 to atk will give an additional 5 attack, while every +1 to recovery will give an additional 3 recovery.

Hosts can absorb the +x attributes from it's sacrifices. For example, if you feed a monster with +5 stat to its attack to your main monster, the sacrifice will disappear and your main monster will absorb the stats. However, it will cost more to feed +x monsters. In addition to the normal costs, you will have to pay an extra 1000 for every additional stat on your monster and on the sacrifice, for each of the monster.

For example: I have a lvl 10 monster with +25 stats total. I'll be feeding a sacrifice with +2 stats. So the cost I'll have to pay is (25+2)x1000 + 10x100 = 28000 gold.

The maximum additional stats a monster can have is +99 to each stat, for a grand total of +297 total stats. And yes, that is a pretty common sight for the high leveled players.

6.) Monster skills, leader abilities
Each monster may or may not have the following: an active skill that is activated actively, and a leader ability that is actived passively as long as the monster takes the leader slot.

If you are using the monster of your friend, then you will be able to use the leader ability of that monster. However, you will not be granted the same bonus if you are just renting a monster from a random player. Active skills still applies though.

For active skills, they can be upgraded by feeding it sacrifices with the same ability. In some extreme cases, that means you'll have to feed the same monsters to the host. The upgrading of skill is a randomly triggered event (low rate) whenever you feed monsters of the same skills. You can feed multiple monsters of the same skills, and each monster will just roll the triggering of the event by itself. So feeding 5 will have 5 chances of the level up happening. It's a rare event, so be prepared to feed a lot. Also, it may be wise to wait for events where they increase the rate of happening by 2x.

Each upgrade to the active skill will decrease it's cooldown by 1 turn.

If the monster's skill changes as it evolves, then the skill upgrade of the previous skill will not be carried over during the skill change. Example: with max level in gem conversion will retain her upgraded skill even when she evolves to . However, will lose the levels it obtained in its active skill when it evolves to .

7.) Monster types
i) Balance type monsters: their 3 stats are balanced, obviously.
ii) Recovery type monster: monsters with higher emphasis on the recovery stat and lower emphasis on the HP/atk stat
iii) Physical type monster: incredible HP, average atk, shitty recovery
iv) Offensive type monster: high emphasis on atk, lower HP and recovery
v) Dragon type monster: dragons with generally good HP and atk, below par recovery
vi) God type monster: high costs monsters with great stats, and usually incredible active skills and/or abilities
vii) Evolution material monster: basically used for evolution purposes. However, some can have incredible stats (rainbow guard, for example)
viii) Raising type monster: monsters specifically used for raising the levels for your monsters. Aka the metal dragons. Note that gold dragons sell for high gold.

8.) Dual Elements
Some monsters have dual elements.

The upper left element is their main element, and damage dealt by that element will be at 100%.

The lower right element is their sub element. If the sub element is different from its main element, the monster deals 33% of its atk as damage for the sub element. If the sub element is the same from its main element, the monster deals only 10% of its atk as damage for the sub element. A monster can attack with its main and sub element at the same time.

If the main and sub elements are the same, the sub element will only deal 10% of the damage.

Next post, I'll go about discussing on which are the best monsters to start the games with.

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