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Originally Posted by fate23
1. No
2. For me yes as you need DA for damage and unless you'll be meleeing monsters AP is not that great. AC is only great for PvP so I'd go 4 on charm instead.
3. More likely
4. I'm not actually sure about what you don't need as I didn't get them but I'll tell you what to get: sixth sense, chain of knives, fan of knives, rain of knives, poison assault, hide, both land mines, both luck buffs, invincible drilling(if you'll be drilling in places with agro), heavy carrier(luxury skill), shuriken mastery, stone strike, sudden attack, exploit weakness. All of the pre-reqs to these i guess.
As you can see i didn't include precise pitch. From what i know it barely increases damage so I'd save it for last. Priority are the 1st ones that i mentioned especially the AOEs as they'd make your life easier.
If attr doesn't affect DA attacks, then why do I keep seeing foxes with boss equip comped with attr? (usually boss and alti equips)

Originally Posted by Dare

I made one on my mule account and used minimum myshop (pets from the 2nd anniversary event, ie: Panda etc) and spent nothing on her until she was 3rd (and even then it was free gacha and the town just happened to have a perma cape) and got her a pet. I wish I would hazard logging in to SS her, but for such minimal spending she does great - I had the intention to use her to hunt Tombeth (Poison is OP, it usually was an OHKO even before level 140)


I wish people looked at the guides section more. I personally used to FoK build to grind Nora Sewer TM quest, but I recommend the Julio dailies if you can afford them or have a driller. Even doing the Oops Julio daily is better than nothing.

I've done my one post in the TO section for the month zzzz
Sorry for not being able to check the guide section. I just thought that I would be able to get clearer answers here. ^^;