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Me and my son having another father/son moment. Then me asking Wazzle & Matt to photoshop a picture for me that was talked about in me and my son's convo.

iSwagSoNicely = Soggy

[7:56:02 AM] Soggy: naw
[7:56:08 AM] Soggy: LOL
[7:56:10 AM] Soggy: NIGUH
[7:56:12 AM] Joel: I called her a ***** too
[7:56:13 AM] Joel: swear to god
[7:56:21 AM] Joel: she thought I was playin
[7:56:24 AM] Joel: (but I really wasn't)
[7:56:38 AM] Soggy: U KILLIN ME HERE
[7:56:39 AM] Soggy: FUK
[7:56:44 AM] Soggy: son im glad i came on b4 i go to work
[7:56:51 AM] Soggy: i had the stank attitude all morning
[7:56:53 AM] Joel: LOL
[7:56:55 AM] Soggy: no smile or anything
[7:56:59 AM] Joel: haha
[7:57:00 AM] Joel: dang dude
[7:57:01 AM] Soggy: u got me here crying mah niguh
[7:57:03 AM] Joel: LOL
[8:03:11 AM] Soggy: LOL SCISSOR LEGSS
[8:03:16 AM] Joel: LOL
[8:03:18 AM] Soggy: THE ****
[8:03:19 AM] Soggy: LOL.
[8:03:20 AM] Joel: I said in the call
[8:03:24 AM] Joel: you can open em hella easy
[8:03:26 AM] Joel: and close em
[8:03:31 AM] Joel: like scissors
[8:03:34 AM] Joel: (sun)
[8:03:43 AM] Soggy: LOL NICE ONE
[8:03:48 AM] Soggy: Fked upp ass niguh
[8:03:51 AM] Soggy: anyways
[8:03:51 AM] Soggy: i gota
[8:03:51 AM] Soggy: go
[8:03:52 AM] Joel: That actually works huh
[8:03:52 AM] Soggy: now
[8:03:52 AM] Soggy: baby
[8:03:54 AM] Joel: naw **** that *****
[8:03:56 AM] Joel: ight late
[8:04:06 AM] Soggy: iight man
[8:04:06 AM] Soggy: take
[8:04:06 AM] Soggy: care
[8:04:10 AM] Soggy: u had some
[8:04:11 AM] Joel: you too baby
[8:04:15 AM] Soggy: pretty good times with out me
[8:04:16 AM] Soggy: ;(
[8:04:21 AM] Joel: text me if you're in a "stank ass attitude" again
[8:04:28 AM] Joel: naw ****a
[8:04:32 AM] Joel: only the BEST times WITH you here
[8:04:33 AM] Joel: (sun)
[8:04:35 AM] Joel: feel good buddy
[8:04:41 AM] Soggy: SON
[8:04:42 AM] Soggy: LOOOOOOOOL
[8:04:46 AM] Soggy: THIS IS TOO GAY
[8:04:49 AM] Soggy: I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE
[8:04:52 AM] Joel: you won't post it tho
[8:04:52 AM | Edited 8:04:56 AM] Soggy: ;(
[8:05:00 AM] Soggy: ^^^
[8:05:01 AM] Soggy: failed
[8:05:03 AM] Joel: gay ass ****a I'm hella gay and I eat **** motha ****a
[8:05:15 AM | Removed 8:06:27 AM] Joel: This message has been removed.
[8:05:18 AM] Soggy: post it where
[8:05:22 AM] Joel: where else
[8:05:25 AM] Soggy: ggftw?
i forgot my account
[8:05:27 AM] Soggy: u do it
[8:05:28 AM] Joel: LOL
[8:05:29 AM] Joel: naw
[8:05:30 AM] Soggy: (sun)
[8:05:32 AM] Joel: I'm too much of a *****
[8:05:39 AM] Soggy: LOL U ***
[8:05:40 AM] Joel: LOL
[8:05:42 AM] Joel: Naw
[8:05:44 AM] Joel: if anyone saw this..
[8:05:46 AM] Joel: Idk what I'd do
[8:05:55 AM] Joel: I'd move to another state
[8:06:00 AM] Joel: actually I don't think that would solve
[8:06:03 AM] Joel: this type of problem
[8:06:04 AM] Joel: at all
[8:06:05 AM] Joel: ****
[8:06:48 AM] Joel: iight man
[8:06:49 AM] Joel: I'll do it
[8:06:58 AM] Joel: since I'm a 13 year old girl seeking attention
[8:07:03 AM] Joel: boutta post it so I don't cut myself tonight
[8:07:07 AM] Joel: say something hella gay
[8:07:10 AM] Joel: I know you got it in you
[8:07:17 AM] Joel: oh wait it's gona show up as "****"'s
[8:07:20 AM] Joel: try censoring it
[8:07:29 AM] Soggy: WDFD
[8:07:32 AM] Soggy: SON
[8:07:35 AM] Soggy: i step away
[8:07:38 AM] Soggy: for seconds
[8:07:38 AM] Joel: LOL
[8:07:40 AM] Soggy: and ur like
[8:07:42 AM] Soggy: blowing up my skype
[8:07:45 AM] Soggy: with ur fantasies
[8:07:46 AM] Joel: Yea?
[8:07:49 AM | Edited 8:08:05 AM] Joel: like that other girl
[8:07:50 AM] Soggy: i like it baby keep going.
[8:07:52 AM] Joel: boutta call you
[8:07:56 AM] Joel: have Sergio hop on my comp
[8:07:58 AM] Joel: to tell you to answer my calls
[8:08:06 AM] Joel: shit
[8:08:08 AM] Soggy: LOL SDFU
[8:08:10 AM] Joel: forgot to censor my shit
[8:08:12 AM] Joel: oh shit
[8:08:14 AM] Joel: did it ag
[8:08:14 AM] Joel: ****
[8:08:16 AM] Joel: I give up
[8:08:17 AM] Joel: LOL
[8:08:20 AM] Soggy: ok ok ok ok look
[8:08:22 AM] Soggy: lets just
[8:08:25 AM] Soggy: 69 each other
[8:08:28 AM] Joel: ight
[8:08:28 AM] Soggy: call t a day.
[8:08:32 AM] Joel: where's that picture Lala put
[8:08:34 AM] Soggy: can i suck first
[8:08:36 AM] Soggy: wait.
[8:08:36 AM] Joel: we could photoshop some shit
[8:08:44 AM] Soggy: uuhhh
[8:08:46 AM] Soggy: idk .
[8:08:48 AM] Joel: Wait
[8:08:52 AM] Joel: I don't got photoshop on this comp
[8:09:01 AM | Edited 8:09:02 AM] Joel: I need a cracked version
[8:09:05 AM] Joel: I'm too broke
[8:09:06 AM] Joel: to buy it
[8:09:08 AM] Joel: I got a job
[8:09:12 AM | Edited 8:09:15 AM] Joel: but I'm too broke ya know
[8:09:25 AM] Joel: Ahhh **** it I'll have Wazzle Flozzle Flame do it
[8:09:52 AM] Soggy: LOL
[8:09:55 AM] Soggy: NICE NAME
[8:09:57 AM] Soggy: ANYWAYS
[8:09:58 AM] Soggy: now im out
[8:09:59 AM] Soggy: niguh
[8:10:03 AM] Joel: Wassay is G as **** dude
[8:10:04 AM] Joel: ight late
[8:10:07 AM] Soggy: u procrasitnating me and shit
[8:10:09 AM] Joel: LOL
[8:10:11 AM] Soggy: however u spell it
[8:10:14 AM] Soggy: **** u dont correct me
[8:10:17 AM] Joel: yea baby.. I just don't want you to go
[8:10:22 AM] Joel: boutta sing some Usher type shit to you
[8:10:26 AM] Joel: These are my confessions
[8:10:28 AM] Soggy: ok now ima log off on ur ass
[8:10:32 AM] Joel: leave b-
[8:10:35 AM] Joel: LOL
[8:10:50 AM] Joel: LOOOOL
[8:11:02 AM] Soggy: JUST WHEN I THOUGHT ok idk the words
[8:11:06 AM] Joel: I forgot
[8:11:07 AM] Joel: LOL
[8:11:13 AM] Soggy: LMFAO GG
[8:11:14 AM] Soggy: iight peace mang
[8:11:17 AM] Joel: late
[8:16:03 AM] Joel: I know you're not there..
[8:16:09 AM] Joel: But I'ma just leave this here...
[8:16:14 AM] Joel: USHER LYRICS - Confessions Part II

[11/10/2012 8:45:20 PM] Matt Lee: nope
[11/10/2012 8:45:35 PM] Matt Lee: btw i do have photoshop
[11/10/2012 9:09:51 PM] Joel: Wazzle
[6:57:32 PM] Joel: you got Photoshop right
[7:01:06 PM] Wassay~: Yeh
[7:01:06 PM] Wassay~: CS6
[7:01:08 PM] Wassay~: Why
[7:01:52 PM] Joel: Photoshop something for me
[7:02:36 PM] Wassay~: Wut
[7:04:24 PM] Joel:
[7:04:29 PM] Joel: Make them look like they're 69'ing
[7:04:35 PM] Joel: do a horrible job
[7:04:38 PM] Joel: make it look funny
[7:05:57 PM] Wassay~: Do a horrible job
[7:06:04 PM] Wassay~: How od I make that look like
[7:06:05 PM] Wassay~: 69
[7:06:06 PM] Wassay~: with just heads
[7:06:44 PM] Joel: well
[7:06:47 PM] Joel: just
[7:06:49 PM] Joel: like 69
[7:06:50 PM] Joel: but with heads
[7:07:43 PM] Wassay~: Uuh
[7:07:44 PM] Wassay~: I'll try
[11/10/2012 9:09:54 PM] Joel: can you do it
[11/10/2012 9:09:58 PM] Joel: he hasn't tried it
[11/10/2012 9:13:10 PM] Matt Lee: lol
[11/10/2012 9:13:46 PM] Joel: CAN YOU DO IT QQQ
[11/10/2012 9:23:01 PM] *** Matt Lee sent *****s.jpg ***

[11/10/2012 9:23:21 PM] Matt Lee: ***** #1
[11/10/2012 9:23:23 PM] Matt Lee: accept
[11/10/2012 9:35:42 PM] Joel: PERFECT LOL
[11/10/2012 9:35:48 PM] Joel: now try to make it a horizontal 69
[11/10/2012 9:36:03 PM] *** Matt Lee sent *****s.jpg ***

[11/10/2012 9:36:08 PM] Matt Lee: stupid
[11/10/2012 9:36:15 PM] Matt Lee: retate clockwise =.=
[11/10/2012 9:36:18 PM] Joel: LOL
[11/10/2012 9:36:27 PM] Joel: perfect

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