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Default Fuses (F)

Some items I will exchange for pts(ex:1gacha coin=25m) or galders. I only have 10k pts. If I dun have any pts left~it will be galder trades. The * are some fuses I would like to see on a second job bunny first(red+white bunny or blue+white bunny if it possible). I'm unsure of some prices so offer!!!!
Buying list:
Matsuri hat=5k OR 100m
Valentine peaked cap=50m OR 2k*
Jan's Bunny Hat=5k OR 130m*
Sweet Bonnet=3k OR 75m*
Shark Hat=5k OR 150m
Summer love hat=40m* or hunter's cap=40m*
Swashbuckler's hat=3k or 60m*
Choux's mini beret=60m*
Yoba hat=40m*
Arlene's boho hat=40m*
Summer love shield=50m
The end of the list! Have some of this more thing...NO FLAMES to provide~
I have 1 sc 15 up for a trade for one of those fuses.
Pm/mail GDBunny or post here
start offering or selling!!!!!