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Originally Posted by KungFuPets
Pessimists say its the end, optimists say its just a bug.

Last week (before the Friend List, Guilds, Party System went down) it still felt alive. I doubt this means anything more than just a simple case of people not wanting to play because of a temporary technical issue. Anyway, let's give it a week or two, just like the Map Move Fail Error. Compared to that map move fail error, at least this is better since we can still play
If so many people still has hope, then imma hope this will be soon okay, Actually I dont mind waiting for them to fix it, and yes IT IS much better than map move fail bug, BUT.. Its just sad for the people who buys/using TIMED MS ITEMS...
we cant fully enjoy the money we spent.. I just wish they Compensate the players who used TIMED EQUIPS since its not the players fault that the game has bugs