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Default Girlfriends & Ex's

I'm just the same regular guy like everyone else. But if there's something I've been annoyed with more then anything even games is Ex's and current girlfriends who either. Lie, Cheat, Or are just damn too annoying. I've had my share of problems but sometimes things don't get as bad as this. Let me start with this part. About a day ago one of my exs wrote to me on tumblr, She said why i don't talk to her anymore. I answered because you never reply to me. Of course she's going to deny it but if i pull up any recent chat she just stops replying to me and i find that to be pretty rude. So don't ask me to talk to you if you're just going to bounce 10 mins into the conversation. 2nd one of my exs for the past YEAR Yes bold on the YEAR Because at this point it's gotten to the point when i have to say. COME ON GIVE UP ALREADY. Because really it's just way to dang ridiculous. Okay so this story involves another ex girlfriend that every few months she makes these statuses about some guy (Most recent one would be Claude) How the guy is like (Yes your highness) or some crap that comes off one of those cheesy romantic novels or something that happens in anime. So yeah she makes up a new guy every few months or so (i don't really count) so that i notice and tell her something about it because she literally just craves my attention aside from other things that shall not be spoken of but yeah you catch my drift i hope. There's times where i just want her to see how ridiculous she looks so she could stop herself and move on in life like jeez. I'm not even that great of a guy. But yeah i feel like that's the end of my rant.

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