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Originally Posted by YenSai
Clearly this is only temporary. Every game has an end, yes, but every game has technical issues too. This will be solved of course..Just, knowing SG/Ntreev, it will take a year(has already been 4 months)

It's not that people have lost interest it's that people CANNOT LOG ON. I've only recently been able to log on and yes of course friends list and what not doesn't work. Guess we'll have to wait for the next patch. But the bottom line is once they fix the major issues things will go back to normal; They always do. This is not "the end" of trickster nor is it near the end, it's simply SG interactive/Ntreev for you. Nothing new, this has happened before.

..I was supposed to be asleep 30 mins ago but I got stuck lurking on the forums :l ..goodnight.
I will just hope that you are right.... that this has happen before and they recovered with it, wish they could recover fast, because we cant expect people who patiently waited through the 1st major problem will have the same understanding the 2nd time around